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Inked in Black:  The Value of California’s Market Squid in Monterey Bay

21 June 2013

Market squid create one of California’s most valuable fisheries. Due to its high quality as a fishery product, these squid are much sought-after by seafood traders around the world. In fact, California has become one of the world’s biggest squid suppliers. A growing taste for squid in restaurants has created a big demand in markets. As a result, the value of squid is on the rise. Check out the video below on the value of market squid in Monterey Bay from the perspective of a scientist, a student, a restauranteur, and fisherman.


March of the Steelhead Trout: Journey to Garzas Creek

13 November 2013

This movie documents a walk in late summer along the Carmel River to a small creek where steelhead trout spawn.  We find a river with sporadic water flow, disconnected from the ocean.  We climb a dry streambed to discover a series of isolated pools containing dozens of tiny steelhead clinging to life and waiting for rain.

The Carmel River is the primary water source for communities of the Monterey Peninsula.  Survival of these trout depends not only on the weather, but on choices people are willing to make about water, as well.  Updated October 2013.


Understanding the Ecology of a Coastal Economy on Monterey Bay

18 October 2010

How important is a healthy ocean to our local economy?  Monterey Bay’s dynamic oceanography and complex ecology has played a major role in creating productive fisheries while enticing nature-loving tourists that have sustained our community throughout history, even during the hard times.